Helpful links to other Irish associations

The Irish in France Association often works in close collaboration with the impressive network of other groups and associations in France that enjoy an Irish connection.

Cercle Littéraire irlandais

The Cercle Littéraire Irlandais was set up in 2019 to create a connection between people around Irish literature and culture.

It highlights the work of Irish authors, poets and artists based in Ireland or abroad. It also encourages new authors, poets and artists, giving them a platform to present their work.

GAA France

Created in 2004, the Fédération des Sports Gaéliques en France aims to coordinate and develop Gaelic sports on the national territory.

A member of the Gaelic Athletic Association (GAA), and of the “County Europe” (Gaelic Games Europe, GGE), it currently has 25 clubs spread across the country and more than 800 licensees.

Network Irlande

Our mission is to strengthen the relationship between Ireland and France by supporting companies and professionals involved in the Franco-Irish business community.

Logo Network Irlande

Centre Culturel Irlandais

Housed in a magnificent 18th century building beside the Panthéon in Paris, with a remarkable heritage as the former Irish College, the Centre Culturel Irlandais is Ireland’s cultural flagship in Europe.

logo of the Centre Culturel Irlandais

An Ghaeltacht sur Seine

Ciorcal Comhrá i bPáras / Soirées Gaélique Paris / Irish Conversation Group Paris.

Logo of an ghaeltacht sur seine

Association Irlandaise

The Irish Association was founded in 1984 to bring together Irish people of all tendencies, in order to preserve Irish culture and create links with the French community.

Logo of the Association Irlandaise

Celtic Connections Grenoble

The Celtic Connection’s mission is to promote Irish culture in Grenoble and the region, with particular emphasis on music, cinema and literature.

Association Franco-Irlandaise de Lyon

The Franco-Irish Association of Lyon (AFIL) was founded in March 2008 by a group of Irish and French men and women based in Lyon who wanted to bring together enthusiasts of Gaelic culture and sport.

logo of the Association Franco-Irlandaise de Lyon

Embassy of Ireland

The Embassy of Ireland in France works closely with Irish state agencies to promote trade, tourism and inward investment.

Irish Embassy in France logo
picture of the Irish Embassy in Paris