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Resources for Returning to Ireland

The association recently hosted a webinar for people considering returning to Ireland to live. The webinar was organised in collaboration with the Crosscare Migrant Project, an NGO providing information and advocacy support to Irish emigrants and people who have moved to Ireland. Like the Irish in France Association, the Crosscare Migrant Project receives funding from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade’s Emigrant Support Programme.

The speakers were:

  • Danielle Mc Laughlin (Irish Abroad Networking Officer, Crosscare Migrant Project),
  • Karen Mc Hugh (CEO, Safe Home Ireland),
  • Sarah Owen (Digital Content Executive for the Returning to Ireland section on Citizens Information, Citizens Information Board)

The presentations available below highlighted the many resources available to help returning emigrants to prepare a planned return. Included is information on access to housing, welfare, returning with a non-EEA partner and information on nursing home schemes.

Please note that the information included was correct at the time of the webinar 8/10/20, however, readers should consult official sources of information for the most up to date information.